Titanfall’s Titans didn’t suit Apex Legends, Respawn says


Titans are the ultimate power fantasy.

Apex Legends developer Respawn has explained why the battle royale is set within the world of Titanfall but doesn’t feature the franchise’s iconic Titan mechs.

According to Lead Producer, Drew McCoy, Titans are a “power fantasy” and didn’t suit the balance of a battle royale game.

“Well, why don’t you just nerf the titans,” McCoy hypothetically asked himself in a conversation with Eurogamer before saying that it didn’t make sense to de-power Titans if they were meant to be all-powerful.

McCoy added that Respawn has tried to maintain balance within the game so that everyone can “come to the table with the same possibilities.”

Apex Legendsa free-to-play battle royale set within the Titanfall universe, is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.