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There are no class restrictions in Star Wars: Battlefront; players create and choose custom loadouts

Star Wars: Battlefront does not include any kind of class system, according to Design Director Niklas Fegraeus.

The central conceit of Star Wars: Battlefront is to allow players to create and live out their ultimate Star Wars battle fantasies and this means not placing restrictions on them. DICE want players to create their own playstyle in Battlefront and so players are free to choose which weapons, gear and abilities they bring into battle with them.

Niklas Fegraeus said that DICE wants players to feel free to create their own class and to live out their own battle fantasies. In speaking with producer Craig McLeod we learned that DICE are working very hard to make sure that players can choose any loudout they desire, while still keeping the game balanced.

“Obviously balancing is an incredibly important part of the game especially when you’re not sticking to a class system and allowing people to customise their loadout exactly as they want. This is something out designers have been working with all the time, constantly balancing and making sure it feels that everything has its use,” he told me.

It’s more than just making sure everything has its use though. McLeod continues and reveals that DICE works hard to ensure that any upgrades you acquire are suitably offset by deficits. “It’s that ‘rock, paper, scissors’ gameplay,” McLeod explains, “where some unlocks have abilities that enhance you offensively but then you lose that defensive aspect while some other play may have that. It’s a constant struggle that you work with through the entire development cycle. I’m sure we’ll get it right when we come to launch.”

What do you think of a classless multiplayer shooter?

Star Wars: Battlefront will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 17 November 2015.

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