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The winner of Curiousity is only a temporary god in Molyneux’s Godus

The winner of Curiousity: What’s Inside the Cube?, Bryan Henderson, was given the powers of a god in Godus by 22 Can’s Peter Molyneux, but it turns out that godliness is only temporary.

Speaking with Rock Paper Shotgun, Molyneux has confirmed that Henderson will act as a god in the game for a period of time “approaching a year” after the game’s release. Molyneux also confirmed that Henderson will only earn a portion of the game’s income during that time-frame as well.

“It didn’t seem right to me that Bryan would be god of gods for all time,” Molyneux said to Rock Paper Shotgun. “It seems right to me that he has a period of time to be god of gods, and that can’t just be a few days. It needs to be substantial. And in that time, many things could happen. And of course, the amount of physical money he gets depends on how successful the game is.”

Molyneux also said that after Henderson’s reign, a new god could reign supreme in Godus. He also outlined just what a god can and can’t do in game.

“What they aren’t going to be is carte blanche uncontrolled, unrefined decisions that would throw the balance of the game out entirely,” Molyneux clarified. “Bryan can absolutely request something to happen, and we’ll make our best effort to do it. But he can’t decide everybody in Canada will explode or anything like that. There are limits to his power.”

Canadians are happy to hear that, Molyneux.


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