Home News The Evil Within 2 Trophy list has been revealed

The Evil Within 2 Trophy list has been revealed

A full The Evil Within 2 Trophy list has been uncovered, giving you a (spoiler-filled) idea of what to expect from the game.

The full listing of Trophies is below, thanks to PowerPyx. Xbox Achievements will follow suit, of course, but we don’t have any idea of the Gamerscore allocated to these efforts. Well, apart from the 1,000 total, that is.

Happy hunting!

Learn to SurviveSurvived the nightmare, and everything in betweenPlatinum
RookieCompleted the game on Casual difficulty or higherBronze
SurvivorCompleted the game on Survival difficulty or higherBronze
Against All OddsCompleted the game on Nightmare difficulty or higherSilver
You Asked For It…AgainCompleted the game in Classic ModeGold
Welcome to UnionTook the plunge back into STEMBronze
TakenSaw a chilling visionBronze
Not Running This TimeDefeated the Guardian outside City HallBronze
The Team PsychologistFound a potential ally in the MarrowBronze
Premature FinaleShut down a bloody performanceSilver
Another AllySurvived an ordeal with the help of a new friendBronze
Crossing to the Other SideProvided a Harbinger sweet releaseBronze
Spiritual AwakeningCame to terms with your past and presentBronze
Fire Walk With MeMade it inside the enemy’s strongholdBronze
Overcome the PastYour trauma is no moreSilver
Everything Comes Crumbling DownReached the very end of the worldBronze
Unfortunate ConsequenceDid what needed to be done to save your daughterSilver
Backup Ain’t ComingCompleted the “Rogue Signal” side missionBronze
Skyes OutCompleted the “The Last Step” side missionSilver
Finally, FreeExperienced every traumatic encounter and made peace with your inner demonsSilver
You Got Red In YouUsed your first Red GelBronze
Stick in My VeinsCompletely upgraded all abilitiesSilver
Making Things a Little EasierUsed your first High-Grade Weapon PartsBronze
Now You’re Playing with PowerUpgraded a weapon to Level 3Bronze
A Little Extra Kick to itUpgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to mac levelBronze
They Never Even Stood A ChanceCompletely upgraded all weaponsSilver
DIYCrafted something for the first timeBronze
Echoes Within STEMObserved all Residual MemoriesSilver
Doing Some DetectingCollect 20 filesBronze
Diligent ReaderCollect all filesSilver
Half the StashOpened 16 lockersBronze
LocksmithOpened all lockersSilver
Good to See You AgainAcquired the Warden CrossbowBronze
Chatting With KidmanTalked to Kidman about all of the photographic slidesBronze
PowerhouseAcquired all standard weaponsSilver
All in the FamilyCollected all of the Mysterious ObjectsSilver
Caffeine AddictUsed every Coffee Maker at least onceBronze
Thinning Them OutKilled 30 enemiesBronze
Clearing a PathKilled 60 enemiesBronze
Smoke AssassinKilled 3 enemies using upgraded Smoke BoltsBronze
Shock TherapyStunned an enemy standing in water using a Shock BoltBronze
Wait For It…Killed an enemy using an AmbushBronze
Kick, Shoot, BurnKilled 2 or more enemies at once using oil on the groundBronze
Bootable OffenseStomped and killed 15 fallen enemiesBronze
I Am The NightKilled 10 enemies using Sneak KillsBronze
Sometimes Fighting Isn’t The AnswerAvoided unnecessary bloodshed outside City Hall (Ch. 5)Bronze
Death From AboveKilled 2 or more enemies at once using a hanging lamp (Ch. 9)Bronze
No More Playing With FireStopped a true believer from playing with his favorite toy (Ch. 11)Bronze
Melancholy MemoriesReminisced about every moment from the pastBronze
I’ll Take You Down MyselfBrought your own equipment to the barbecue this time (Ch. 14)Silver
That Cinematic Feel…Opted for a cinematic experienceBronze

What do you think of the list? Attainable or not?

The Evil Within 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 13 October. It’s a Friday — spooky!