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Tetris 99 Big Team Battle mode now available

Time to team up.

A special Tetris 99 Big Team Battle mode is now available, Nintendo has advised.

“Team Battle Mode allows for a big group of friends and competitors to play together,” Nintendo advised. “With the addition of a new password-based matchmaking feature, it’s easy to find and gather friends for matches in the Tetris 99 and Team Battle modes.”

Players who enter the mode will have the opportunity to play on one of four teams at the start of a match. Imbalances in team player numbers will be corrected through boosts in attack power.

“As players get eliminated through the course of battle, the final team standing with at least one player remaining wins – and all members of the winning team share in the victory,” Nintendo continued.

“Players who are KO’d early in the game will go into spectator mode and can send ‘Likes’ to cheer on their teammates. Players will want to stay in the match until their team has obtained a rank to receive their XP points. Or, if Team Battle is the active mode for a Grand Prix event, stay for their event points.”

Tetris 99 is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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