Take-Two on Mafia III: “We are seeing some anomalies in the reviews system”


Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick used a recent investor’s call to speak of “anomalies in the reviews system” regarding the recently released Mafia III.

“In terms of the reviews and scores… there is sort of an odd anomaly,” Zelnick said. “The scores are lower than we would have liked, but there are a lot of stellar reviews, and I think the most prominent reviewers really loved it, and recognized that what we’re doing, from the story, art, characters and excitement perspective is really unmatched in the marketplace.”

Stevivor’s review of Mafia III praised the game for its setting and intent, but couldn’t look past its half-finished, repetitive nature.

“I think we and our competitors are seeing some anomalies in the reviews system,” Zelnick continued. “We take them as they are, and we don’t argue with it, but we do have an enormous number of exceedingly favorable reviews, and most importantly consumers love the title and they’re buying it hand over fist, and at the end of the day, that’s how we’re judged.”

Lukewarm reviews aren’t stopping Mafia III‘s sales. Take-Two announced that Mafia III is the fastest-selling game in subsidiary 2K’s history, selling-in more than 4.5 million units in its first week.

Mafia III is now available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.