Sydney’s Flat Earth Games announce its second title Metrocide


Sydney based independent developer Flat Earth Games has announced that itsr follow-up title to 2013’s TownCraft is the stealth-action Metrocide.

Flat Earth says in Metrocide players “fill the shoes of T.J. Trench, a notorious contract killer.” Set in a futuristic city overflowing with enemies who want nothing more than to kill Trench players will be forced to “deal with gangs, vigilantes, security cameras an fascist cop drones” all while attempting to travel through the city to Trench’s next target.

Metrocide is featured on the cover of the June issue of Indie Game Magazine with Editor in Chief Vinny Parisi saying, “Metrocide caught my attention immediately for two reasons. The title and the atmosphere,” adding, “the game decidedly surpasses any preconceived expectations from the moment players first take to the tough streets.”

Director of Flat Earth Games Leigh Harris says that working on Metrocide is a “sanity project” for him and his team. “”We’ve been working on an all-inclusive game for such a long time now. And sometimes, well, you kinda just need to shoot someone with a futuristic shotgun.”

Metrocide is due for Mac and PC mid 2014. For more information check out the official website.