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Surprise code found in Dungeon Keeper after 17 long years

EA classic Dungeon Keeper has, inside its executable code, a secret message that has gone unseen for 17 long years.

“I am writing this at 4AM on Keeper‘s last day,” reads the all-caps text as uncovered by users of the GOG forums. “I look around the office and all I see are the tired, pale faces of the Keeper team. This project has destroyed the health and social lives of each member, so I hope you like the game. Amazingly, after sixteen hours a day, 7 days a week, for nearly 5 months, we still do. This game has been written with a passion I am proud to be part of … I do not just hope you like it, I also hope you are aware of the huge amount of work we have all done.”

The author of that code? Jonty Barnes, the current Director of Production on Bungie’s Destiny.

“It’s funny, I’m feeling similar with Destiny,” Barnes told Polygon after the code was uncovered. “Both games have taken absolutely everything I have to give. Both I’m very proud to be part of. Both have changed my life.”


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