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Super Stable 3D almost didn’t happen in the New 3DS

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently spoke with Time Magazine, revealing that it was only a last minute intervention by Shigeru Miyamoto that saw Super-Stable 3D added to the New 3DS system.

Super Stable 3D is the eye-tracking technology that allows the New 3DS to adjust its 3D display and avoid the problem of users needing to hold the handheld at a very specific angle for 3D to work, an issue that plagued the original 3DS. It was demonstrated to Miyamoto late in the development of the New 3DS and the famed developer insisted on its inclusion in the new hardware.

Iwata also puts rest to rumours that Netflix and Nintendo are working together on a Zelda live action series and laments the high cost Nintendo was forced to put upon the Wii U hardware. You can read the full interview here.

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