Super Mario Maker 2 gets story mode, multiplayer, new features


Lots of new stuff coming.

Today’s Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct showed off new features including a story mode, multiplayer and more, all available in the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

Of note, Super Mario Maker 2 will feature a story mode that walks a user through rebuilding the Mushroom Kingdom. The story mode will sport over 100 courses made by Nintendo itself.

Moreover, online multiplayer for up to four-players will be available to those with a Nintendo Switch Online account. Said account is also required to be able to share your own created courses with others. Finally, a co-op creator mode will also feature.

Finally, here’s a list of new tools mentioned today:

  • One-click slopes
  • The Angry Sun enemy type
  • Snake blocks, of both green and blue (fast) types
  • On/off switches
  • Setting the water level inside a level, including speed at which it floods
  • Custom scrolling inside a level
  • Banzai Bill (including homing Banzai Bills)
  • Dry Bones Shells
  • Big Coins (worth 10, 30, 50 Coins)
  • New sound effects
  • Clear conditions for a level
  • Boom Boom enemy
  • Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky levels
  • The Moon, which offers night-themed levels which change enemies, physics, etc
  • Super Mario 3D World game-style
  • Cat Mario and his moves

We’ll embed a clip of the new functionality as it’s made available. Until then, the Direct itself is only 15-minutes.

Expect Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch in June 2019.