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Stone Xbox One Achievement list revealed

... and it's remarkably similar to the game's Steam Achievement list.

The Stone Xbox One Achievement list has been revealed, showing a very similar list when compared to the game’s Steam Achievements.

Here’s what you can expect to earn in the game:

  • Completed Act 1: Completed Act 1 (100GS)
  • Completed Act 2: Completed Act 2 (100GS)
  • Completed Act 3: Completed Act 3 (100GS)
  • Completed Act 4: Completed Act 4 (100GS)
  • Completed Act 5: Completed Act 5 (100GS)
  • Secret Achievement: Complete the Epilogue (100GS)
  • Drank All: ?? (25GS)
  • Hard Ass: Tried the tough approach at first (50GS)
  • Soft Touch: Tried the friendly approach at first (50GS)
  • Film Lover: Went to the cinema (25GS)
  • Berliner: Danced to techno at Echo (25GS)
  • Completed Stone: Completed a Hip Hop Stoner Noir (200GS)
  • The Dude: Ordered a White Russian like a Dude (25GS)

The only real difference between this list and the Steam list revolves around the Drank All Xbox One Achievement, which doens’t exist on Steam. The PC version has an Achievement called Thirsty Koala, which is awarded for getting another round of drinks.

All up, it looks like an enjoyable (and easy) 1,000 Gamerscore.

Stone heads to Xbox One on 27 January 2020 and is already available on Windows PC and Mac via Steam and iOS. We reviewed the game here.


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