StarCraft Cartooned available now, is adorable



StarCraft Cartooned pretty much sounds like it is and is available now on Windows PC.

This new offering features “adorable cartoon graphics by Carbot Animations” and is called “a great way to experience StarCraft” by Blizzard.

StarCraft: Cartooned re-imagines every unit, structure, map, menu, and mission with the beloved art style of Carbot Animations,” a press release states. “Add a whole new look to the epic single player campaign, take the cartooned mayhem online and go head-to-head on the multiplayer ladder, or join your friends for your favourite custom game – even if they don’t own StarCraft: Cartooned.”

StarCraft: Cartooned is available now on Windows PC via; it retails for $15.45 AUD or $16.99 NZD.