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Star Trek Section 31 to start filming at wrap of Discovery S3

"It's well on its way, I can tell you that."

Star Trek Section 31, a spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh as the villanous Emperor Philippa Georgiou, will commence filming when that of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 completes, franchise runner Alex Kurtzman has confirmed.

“It’s well on its way, I can tell you that. And Erika [Lippoldt] and Bo Yeon [Kim] have written a great script and we have a writers’ room, and it’s exciting,” Kurtzman told Space, adding that casting is “going to be happening soon.”

Kurtzman also talked of Discovery Season 3 itself, a drastically different show after the cliffhanger that ended Season 2.

“It’s a really — it’s a new world, literally. It’s a new world. It’s 1,000 years in the future. [It’s got] things you expect from Star Trek — enemies might be allies, former allies might now be enemies. [But] everything’s different. It’s still the world of Star Trek, no question about it, but there’s a lot of huge changes in the universe,” he said.

“There’s no worry of canon at this point. We’re not even anywhere close to where canon has been. Everything that happened… in the past has actually planted seeds that have led to outcomes in the future. And getting to see that over the spectrum of this amazing time jump is really what’s fun about the season.”

Star Trek Discovery airs on Netflix here in Australia; it’s unclear where Star Trek Section 31 will air within the country when it’s ready to.


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