Star Trek Online gets new missions with Discovery’s Captain Killy


The Slayer of Sorna Prime emerges.

Star Trek Online will receive a Star Trek: Discovery-themed update later this month in celebration of the TV show’s second season. Best yet, it’s a Mirror Universe episode involving none other than Captain Killy.

Available on PC from 23 January, the update is called Mirror of Discovery.

“Fans will come face-to-face with Captain Killy (voiced by Mary Wiseman from the show), the ruthless leader of the Terran Empire’s I.S.S. Discovery and mirror version of everyone’s favorite Starfleet Cadet, Sylvia Tilly,” Perfect World said in a press release.

“Players will finally learn what happened to Killy and her crew after their Terran starship crossed into the Prime Universe while exploring new content, including two new Discovery-themed featured episodes, anniversary challenges and an update to the game’s Endeavors System.”

Mirror of Discovery plays out over two new episodes, “Para Pacem” and “The Illusion of Communication.” Moreover, the update “brings back the Omega Molecule Stabilization event, in celebration of Star Trek Online’s 9th anniversary,” Perfect World advised.

Star Trek Online is available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season airs on Netflix here in Australia from 17 January.