Home News Star Trek: Online celebrates seventh year with new season, “Reckoning”

Star Trek: Online celebrates seventh year with new season, “Reckoning”


Cryptic and Perfect World today announced Star Trek: Online’s Season 12, “Reckoning”, heading to PC later this month.

Available from 26 January on PC, and to follow later on Xbox One and PS4, “Reckoning” celebrates Star Trek: Online‘s seventh anniversary.

“This year’s anniversary event for Star Trek: Online offers captains the opportunity to complete in-game missions to earn exciting rewards, including the new Tier 6 Lukari Science Vessel, which the community selected the design for last fall,” Perfect World said of the content.

“Players can also participate in two daily missions (Omega Molecule Stabilization Daily and Party Patrol) to earn special rewards and play the Omega Molecule Stabilization mini-game with Q to earn materials to construct crafting kits. Festivities also include server-wide giveaways for in-game items, which will take place soon on a daily basis leading up to the anniversary event release.”

At seven years, the news also means Star Trek: Online has ran as long as its counterparts, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. Congratulations!

Star Trek: Online is a free-to-play title available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4.