Star Trek Online 10th Anniversary starship bundles beautiful, pricey


But oh, so pretty!

Star Trek Online will soon offer its players the opportunity to buy two 10th Anniversary legendary starship bundles featuring hero ships from Star Trek‘s past.

Available from 13 February on PC and in March on Xbox One and PS4, the bundles are slowing being detailed by Perfect World and developer Cryptic. At the time of writing, six of the ten hero ships have been unveiled, though players who’ve gone through the Legacy series of episodes believe they already know the full roster. (Update: We were right!)

The hero ship classes include:

  • Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Galaxy from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Kelvin timeline Constitution from Star Trek (2009)
  • Odyssey from Star Trek Online
  • NX from Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Sovereign from Star Trek: First Contact
  • Warship Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager
  • Crossfield from Star Trek: Discovery
  • Discovery-era Constitution from Star Trek: Discovery
  • Constitution from Star Trek

“The ten ships in these bundles will have all new stats, and each come with their own unique, brand new look,” Perfect World said of the bundles. “In addition, each ship will come with all of the costumes, consoles, and traits of its previous releases.”

You can head here to learn about each ship class individually.

There are two flavours of bundles available, as follows.

10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Standard Bundle

  • Cost: 30000 Zen ($300 USD)
  • Opening Sale Price: 19500 Zen ($195 USD)
  • 20+ Ship Costumes, Including One New, Exclusive30 Costume for Each Ship
  • All of the Ships’ Consoles and Traits
  • 10 Ship Slots (Once Per Account)

10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Premium Bundle

  • Cost: 45000 Zen ($450 USD)
  • Opening Sale Price: 29300 Zen ($293 USD)
  • 20+ Ship Costumes, Including One New, Exclusive Costume for Each Ship
  • All of the Ships’ Consoles and Traits
  • 10 Ship Slots (Once Per Account)
  • 10 Master Keys (Once Per Account)
  • 10 Infinity Research and Development Packs (Once Per Account)
  • 10 Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades (Once Per Account)
  • 10 Phoenix Prize Packs (Once Per Account)
  • 100 Lobi (Once Per Account)
  • 1 Epic Phoenix Prize Pack Token (Once Per Account)
  • 10,000 Dilithium Ore (Once Per Account)
  • Exclusive Title: Legend of the Quadrants

Converted to the Australian dollar at the time of writing, that’s looking like $300 AUD and $440 AUD, roughly, for the two packs. While pricey, players have acknowledged the large amount of content included; at the same time, they’re lamenting they can’t buy ad hoc ships.

Star Trek Online is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.