Star Trek Dark Remnant VR is exclusive to Dave & Buster’s

Star Trek Dark Remnant VR is a new game available exclusively at the USA’s Dave & Busters, developer VRstudios recently detailed.

VRstudios partnered with Strange Reptile to offer up an experience that takes place in the Star Trek Kelvinverse timeline, the one that centres around Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk.

Star Trek: Dark Remnant puts you in control of the U.S.S. Galileo, Starfleet’s latest and most advanced stellar research vessel, accompanying the U.S.S. Enterprise on a routine mission to evacuate a stellar observatory located in the middle of the Klingon Neutral Zone and learn more about the decaying neutron star it orbits,” VRstudios said.

“When the neutron star collapses prematurely it leaves the Enterprise incapacitated. It’s now up to YOU to protect her from stellar debris – and the unwelcome arrival of a Klingon ship out for vengeance.”

You can take a look at Star Trek: Dark Remnant VR below. The game should be rolling out to 122 Dave & Buster’s locations shortly.

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