Spider-Man’s pre-order suits can be unlocked normally


Great news if you're not a fan of pre-ordering.

Good news if you’re keen on Spider-Man but not pre-ordering games: Peter Parker’s special pre-order bonus suits can be unlocked normally in-game.

Developer Insomniac took to Twitter to make the clarification, saying, “you can unlock [pre-order content] in game with your in game resources.”

Pre-ordered suits will be available from the minute Parker is able to change costumes, however, so there’s still a bit of a bonus from pre-ordering.

At present, we know of four suits that Spider-Man will have access to: his regular one (with the fancy white spider emblem — it’s above), Spider-Punk, a  wrestling suit and one based on Spider-Man: Noir.

Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive that heads to the console on 7 September.