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Sony clarifies minsinformation regarding God of War III Remastered

Following the release of a new trailer for God of War III Remastered, Santa Monica Studio Producer Ariel Lawrence took to the PlayStation Blog to clarify some information about the upcoming re-release.

The first point clarified by Lawrence was the fact that the premium God of War III Remasterd dynamic theme on offer for those who pre-order digitally, will be extended to those who pre-order a physical copy. A code will be provided to those customers when they pick up the game. North American customers will receive the theme early on 26 May along with 90-day PlayStation Now rentals of God of War and God of War II.

Santa Monica’s Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman jumped into the comments of the post to help clarify and explained that the PlayStation Now rentals would be exclusive to North America, “The PS Now rentals are a PSN exclusive pre-order and only apply to US & CAN (other regions do not have PS Now).” When questioned by a fan why Sony was only offering 90-days for the rentals and not an indefinite period of time Kaufman explained, “We want to give PS4 fans who never played God of War, added incentive to play God of War 3 by playing the originals. It’s a great value-add for fans who never played, and 90 days is easily enough time to complete both.”

The PlayStation Store listing for the title had included a mention of multiplayer, but Kaufman advised it was simply an error, “That is a description error. We will have that removed. There is no online play in God of War 3.”

God of War III Remastered is available to pre-order now exclusively for PS4 from the PlayStation Store for a price of $47.95 AUD or $39.99 USD.