SimCity now allows official mod support


EA and Maxis have taken to the SimCity blog to advise that mod support will soon be available for the controversy-riddled PC game. True to form, modders have to meet specific criteria before submitting any content.

According to the post, modders won’t be able to amend any executable files (.exe, .dll, .so, etc), use copyrighted material or material unbefitting of an E10+ rating, and cannot “jeopardize the integrity of the gameplay” or “affect the simulation for multiplayer games and multiplayer features.”

Reading between the lines, publication Joystiq believes that modders will therefore not be able to amend SimCity so it becomes a single-player affair.

EA has also reserved the right to use, copy, modify and/or distribute a mod without a creator’s approval. Nor does EA need to pay or credit the creator.

Are you excited to see mod support enabled in SimCity?