Shadowbringers is Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion


Get hype.

Shadowbringers was today named by Square Enix as Final Fantasy XIV Online’s next expansion.

The third expansion for the game is due in 2019, and “will take players on new adventures to battle against the threats to the realm as they become Warriors of Darkness,” Square advised.

The expansion will add new content including a new player race, multiple new jobs, a level cap increase and more.

Core systems that will be added with the expansion include:

  • NPC “Trust” System – Players will now be able to fight alongside familiar NPCs.
  • New Game+ Feature – A feature that allows players to “replay” the FINAL FANTASY XIV main scenario stories.
  • World Visit System – Players will be able to travel to other servers on the same data center and interact with more players than ever before.

Detailed at the game’s Las Vegas Fan Festival 2018, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also used the event to confirm that the Blue Mage will be added to the game.

“Blue mage will be available to all players that own A Realm Reborn, have reached level 50 as a Disciple of War or Magic, and have completed the 2.0 main scenario,” Square confirmed in a press release.

More information on Shadowbringers will be detailed at the game’s Paris Fan Festival event, to be held over 2-3 February 2019.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is currently available on Windows PC and PS4.