Shadow of the Tomb Raider runs in 4K, 30fps on Xbox One X



Update: Square Enix has issued a statement correcting Anfossi.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will offer two graphical options as follows:

  • 4K resolution at 30fps
  • 1080p resolution targeting 60fps

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will not run 60 FPS while in 4K. To allow for a more customized gameplay experience, the game will include two visual modes: ‘4K Resolution’ which runs in 4K resolution at 30 FPS, and ‘High Resolution’ which is targeting 1080p at 60 FPS,” Square’s statement reads.

“Both modes will feature a wide variety of additional enhancements such as HDR, improved physically-based rendering, hardware tessellation, anisotropic filtering, additional dynamic foliage, and more.”

Original story: Shadow of the Tomb Raider will run in 4K and 60fps on Xbox One X, developer Eidos Montreal has confirmed.

Speaking with Electric Playground, studio head David Anfossi says we should expect big things from the upcoming title.

“I can’t reveal too much, but at some point you will have one hundred and fifty-five NPCs on screen at the same time with 4K and 60fps,” Anfossi said. “We had to push a lot of things on the engine and the new systems we broke in on this game.”

Anfossi added that the game is the “most beautiful… on Xbox One S” as well.

“We speak about playing on the Xbox One X — but playing the game on Xbox One S, we’re also pushing the envelope,” he said.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 14 September.