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Sea of Thieves Achievements locked until later this week

Still nothing.

Sea of Thieves’ first update has come and gone, and sadly, Achievements are still delayed on both Xbox One and Windows PC.

Developer Rare advised that they had turned off Achievement processing last week after a huge number of players taxed the game’s servers. While Achievements are being recorded, they won’t unlock for anyone until processing is turned back on. Rare previously advised that the processing would return alongside that first update.


“We have had to temporarily disable achievements being awarded to allow our services to cope with the scale of the messages flowing through them, and this has lasted longer than anticipated,” Rare said in a new update.

“We are storing all awarded achievements, and are working to deliver these for all affected players. There is some groundwork in the patch arriving [today] that enables us to then deliver the delayed achievements via a service-side change, but ETA on this is a little loose whilst we work on the plan. We are hoping to enable this by the end of the week, and will share more information soon.”

Rare also nixed plans to introduce a Death Cost to the game; that too was supposed to be in the game’s first update.

Sea of Thieves is currently available on Windows PC and Xbox One. We reviewed it here.


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