The next Far Cry game will be set in the Wild West, according to a new report.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that a film crew has shot a live-action trailer for an unannounced game in Montana, USA. The shoot’s producer, Jeff Guillot, says the production actually “stretched more than 5,000 miles from California to Montana”, adding the trailer is for “a sequel to an existing global [game] franchise.”

Guillot has worked with Ubisoft quite a bit in the past, producing promotional campaigns for Driver, Red Steel and Rabbids. While he may be bucking the trend and working for Take-Two and Red Dead Redemption 2 this time around, some fans are hopeful for a Far Cry game set in the Wild West.

Most recently, Ubisoft France has hinted at something to do with a revival of Far Cry 3 — do you think these two events are somehow related?

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.