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Volition lays off more than 30 employees: Report

Volition, the studio behind the Saints Row franchise as well as the recently release Agents of Mayhem, has just laid off over 30 staff this week.

Kotaku reports that General Manager Dan Cermak was among those made redundant. According to the report, publisher and parent company Deep Silver was unhappy with the performance and reception of Agents of Mayhem. In our review, we found the title to be “one-dimensional and juvenile.”

Deep Silver has yet to disclose sales figures of the release.

Volition was founded in 1996 and purchased by the now-defunct THQ back in 2000. The developer was purchased by Deep Silver following THQ’s bankruptcy in 2013. In addition to Agents of Mayhem and the Saints Row franchise, Volition is also responsible for the Red Faction series of games.

We’ll have more on the round of layoffs as it’s made available.