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Resident Evil 7 data mine reveals weapons, unlocks and more


Data miners have hit paydirt with Resident Evil 7‘s Steam demo, uncovering a ton of new details in the core game itself.

This is your last spoiler warning — read at your own risk.


The following weapons have been found in data mined files:

  • Hand Axe
  • Knife
  • Bar
  • Handgun
  • Handgun_M19
  • Handgun_G17
  • Handgun_MPM
  • Handgun_Albert
  • ShotGun
  • Shotgun_M37
  • Shotgun_M37S
  • Shotgun_DB
  • Machine Gun
  • Magnum
  • Glasses
  • Evelyn Radar
  • Liquid Bomb
  • Flare
  • Remedy
  • Stimulant
  • Depressant
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Wood Chip
  • Chain Cutter
  • Screw Driver
  • Shovel
  • Lantern
  • Roller
  • Lantern Bar
  • Glass Piece
  • Fire Axe
  • Mia Knife
  • Golden Bar
  • Hyper Blaster
  • Bar Circularsaw
  • Fire Axe Breakable
  • Shotgun_Albert
  • Blue Blaster
  • Red Blaster
  • Lantern_C
  • Lighter_Z
  • Gimmick Knife
  • Melee


As you might have seen above, some weapons have the moniker “Albert” attached to them. While by no means confirmed, it’s likely that the name refers to classic Resident Evil protagonist Albert Wesker.

Wesker died at the end of Resident Evil 5, though the recent Umbrella Corps seems to have resurrected the character. It remains to be seen if Wesker will actually appear, or if the weapons are simply bonus unlocks that reference him.

Other data mined files with references to “Albert” include:

  • HandGun_Albert_Reward
  • Shotgun_Albert
  • WeaponHandgunAlbertAppend
  • LastBossFinishGetGun
  • LastBossGetAlbert
  • AlbertInteract
  • AlbertGet
  • AlbertWeapon
  • AlbertDamageCount
  • isDamagedByAlbert


The data mine has also uncovered what appears to be five planned pieces of DLC:

  • Details on the first DLC for RE7, the ‘four short stories’ DLC (not the 2 campaign chapter DLCs). Seems to be a collection of minigame type things. No info in the data about the two later DLCs (probably as they haven’t started development yet).
  • DLC 1-1: A puzzle-focused gameplay chapter where it seems you answer riddles and other types of puzzles. Almost seems entirely puzzle focused.
  • DLC 1-2: A card game? Apparently some card game you can play either in a story mode way or an endless mode with some type of reward you get. Specifics not clear, but includes mechanics like bluff, and some sort of in-game droppable based on your performance.
  • DLC 1-3: Wave-Based Survival Mode. seems to have multiple stages, and 10 waves for each map.
  • DLC 1-4: A proper miniature story chapter with you in a place with Lucas it seems. Also seems to have three endings based on something you do in this chapter.


In Resident Evil 7, you play as an ‘everyman’ character named Ethan. Thanks to the data mine, we now know what Ethan looks like:

Unlocks for game completion

The data mine also uncovered the rewards players will receive upon completing the game:

  • Cleared Casual
  • Cleared Normal
  • Cleared Casual or Normal
  • Cleared Hard
  • Unlocked Destroy Mr Every Where
  • Unlocked Time Attack
  • Unlocked Birthday
  • Unlocked Hard
  • Unlocked TU2

There’s more over at NeoGAF, though that content is heavily spoilery, with details of actual plot points. Read at your own peril.

Resident Evil 7 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 (with PS VR support) in late January.