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Is EA coming back to Steam?

Spill the tea.

A number of clues that suggest that EA is coming back to Steam on PC were bolstered by a teaser tweet by the publisher itself.

EA posted a tweet that featured an EA-branded coffee mug with steam pouring from its top. That’s it — no additional text was added to the media.

While that’s hardly a confirmation in itself, Redditors have been collecting a series of indicators that EA is preparing to release (or re-release) titles on Steam, more than eight years after removing titles like Crysis 2 from Steam and launching its Origin service.

First, Redditors have noticed that The Saboteur, a game never available on Steam, now has its own record there. Next, Dragon Age II has been updated with a new Steam package. Finally, a test app similar to one made for Uplay is being tested to integrate Origin with Steam.

Nothing’s been confirmed as yet; we’ll let you know as more is made available.


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