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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze looks to be getting Miiverse achievements

The Cutting Room Floor today reports that Miiverse ‘achievements’ have been found for Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze.

The achievements are fairly straight-forward, with accolades ready to acknowledge things like finishing levels without taking damage, defeating bosses and finding secret paths.

Unlike Sony Trophies or Xbox Achievements, there doesn’t appear to be a ranked- or points-based system attached to the accolades.

The achievements list is allegedly as follows:

  • Defeated Pompy: You defeated Pompy! You served that showy sea lion a slice of humble pie!
  • Defeated Ba-Boom: You defeated Ba-Boom! Numbers? Ha, nothing a Kong can’t beat!
  • Defeated Skowl: You defeated Skowl! It takes more than that to spook a Kong!
  • Defeated Fugu: You defeated Fugu! Little fishy ain’t so scary now!
  • Defeated Bashmaster: You defeated Bashmaster! Guess he wasn’t so unbreakable!
  • Defeated Lord Fredrik: You defeated Lord Fredrik! Booted that frosty fool off your island!
  • Max hits: Bosses: You hit every boss to the max! Flying fists of fury!
  • Max hits: Barrels: You hit every Slot Machine Barrel to the max! Racking up the numbers!
  • No damage finish: You beat the level without taking damage! This Kong is untouchable!
  • No damage boss clear: You beat the boss without taking damage! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
  • First secret path: You opened a secret path! Keep your eyes open!
  • All secret paths: You opened all the secret paths! Kongs are natural-born explorers!
  • All bonus stages: You beat all the bonus stage types! This Kong’s got skills!
  • Bright Savannah revealed: You can now explore Bright Savannah! Take plenty of sunscreen!
  • Autumn Heights revealed: You can now explore Autumn Heights! Watch your step!
  • Sea Breeze Cove revealed: You can now explore Sea Breeze Cove! Go for a swim!
  • Juicy Jungle revealed: You can now explore Juicy Jungle! Ahh, refreshing!
  • Donkey Kong Island revealed: You can now explore Donkey Kong Island! Home again!
  • Every island revealed: You’ve revealed every island! Explore that secret in the sky!
  • All levels complete: You’ve completed all the levels on this island! Kong supremacy!
  • Every level complete: You’ve completed every level in the game! Long traveled, but so worth it!
  • Temple complete: You’ve found a relic! Mysterious!
  • KONG letters collected: You’ve found all the KONG letters on the island! Kongs have good eyes!
  • All KONG letters collected: You’ve found all the KONG letters in the game! Skill jumps are no match for a well-timed Kong!
  • Puzzle Pieces collected: You’ve found all the Puzzle Pieces on the island! In every nook and cranny–gotta find ‘em all!
  • All Puzzle Pieces collected: You’ve found all the Puzzle Pieces in the game! Nothing’s too hidden for a Kong!
  • 200% achieved: You’ve achieved 200%! Hard mode? That wasn’t so hard!
  • Obtained everything: WOW! You have done it all! You are the ultimate Kong!
  • Music gallery filled: You’ve filled the music gallery! Music to your ears!
  • Image gallery filled: You’ve filled the image gallery! Pretty!
  • Diorama gallery filled: You’ve filled the diorama gallery! You could stare at it for days!
  • Figurine gallery filled: You’ve filled the figurine gallery! Awesome collection!
  • All galleries filled: You’ve filled all the Extras galleries! Master of Extras!
  • First Bronze Medal: You got a Bronze Medal! Dipping your toe in the water!
  • First Silver Medal: You got a Silver Medal! Getting there!
  • First Gold Medal: You got a Gold Medal! Whoa there, speedy!
  • First Shiny Gold Medal: You got a Shiny Gold Medal! It’s so shiny!!
  • All Bronze Medals: You got at least a Bronze Medal in each level! Well on your way!
  • All Silver Medals: You got at least a Silver Medal in each level! No small feat!
  • All Gold Medals: You got at least a Gold Medal in every level! Kongs love gold!
  • All Shiny Gold Medals: You’ve got a SHINY Gold Medal in every level! Gah! Too bright!!
  • 100 coins spent: You’ve spent 100 coins! Big spender here!
  • 1,000 coins spent: You’ve spent 1,000 coins! Where do you find them all?!
  • Purchased every item: You’ve purchased every item! You never know when you’ll need ‘em!
  • Used every item: You’ve used one of every item! Kong of all trades!
  • Visited every shop: You’ve visited Funky on every island! Funky’s happy to see ya!
  • Show posts: You are displaying posts! See what the word is!
  • Made a post: You made a post to Miiverse! Get connected!
  • Autopost: You turned on autoposting! Share your successes with the world!
  • Ultimate Kong POW: You defeated 7 enemies with a single Kong POW! Go teamwork!
  • 3 consecutive bops: You bopped 3 creatures in a row! Look, Ma, no ground!
  • 6 consecutive bops: You bopped 6 creatures in a row! Who needs to touch the ground?!
  • 9 consecutive bops: You bopped 9 creatures in a row! The floor is lava!
  • 12 consecutive bops: You bopped 12 creatures in a row! Whoa! Breakthrough bopping bravery!
  • 5,000 bananas collected: You’ve collected 5,000 bananas! Can never have too many bananas!
  • 1,000 coins collected: You’ve collected 1,000 coins! Funky will be happy to take these off your hands!
  • 500 balloons collected: You’ve collected 500 balloons! Where do you keep all these?!
  • 500 bops: You’ve bopped creatures 500 times! Bop all those things!
  • 50 triple-bop combos: You’ve done 50 triple-bop combos! Ya! Woohoo!! Yahoo!!!
  • 100 Kong POWs: You’ve performed a Kong POW 100 times! Teaming up to take on anyone!
  • Threw 100 creatures: You’ve thrown 100 creatures! Putting those big arms to use!
  • 10,000 Cane Jumps: Whoa! You’ve used Cranky’s Cane Jump 10,000 times! Hop to it, gramps!
  • 500 Rambi blocks destroyed: You have destroyed 500 Rambi blocks! Rhinos are stronger than stone!
  • 100 Slot Machine Barrel hits: You’ve hit Slot Machine Barrels 100 times! Those barrels never knew what hit

Nintendo has yet to acknowledge The Cutting Room Floor’s find.

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