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Borderlands 3 early reviews exclusive to US outlets

We'll point you over to our brother and sister outlets on Metacritic when reviews go live.

Don’t expect a Borderlands 3 early review from Stevivor or any other non-US outlet, as a report from VG24/7 suggests that review code has been limited by publisher 2K.

“Publisher 2K has only sent early code to a select number of US outlets, citing security concerns,” the site wrote in protest. While a 2K representative here in Australia has confirmed that review code is coming, Stevivor wasn’t able to get an ETA on exactly when. It seems a bit moot at this point as Stevivor can also confirm — based on our status as a Metacritic outlet — that the game’s review embargo date and time is set for later tonight, 12.01 am AEST on 10 September.

As VG24/7 lamented, it’s an unfortunate circumstance that non-US outlets now find themselves in. Stevivor too has signed many preview NDAs for Borderlands 3, but are not bound by and review embargoes at this stage. We’ll report back on Borderlands 3 news as it happens, and shall endeavour to be as spoiler-free as possible. We’ll also ensure to point you over to Metacritic when those reviews become available.

Borderlands 3 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 13 September.


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