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Is Bethesda’s Starfield a sci-fi version of Fallout?


Bethesda is allegedly hard at work on a sci-fi version of Fallout called Starfield.

That’s according to a rumour that originated on 4chan citing sources familiar with Bethesda Game Studios.

Starfield, allegedly in production since Fallout 3, will be announced at E3, the rumour continues. The game is said to take place far into the future of the world of Fallout. Between five to ten alien races have been planned, alongside a hub world and space travel mechanics. Allegedly, in-game worlds are randomly generated.

The one thing we can confirm about Starfield is that the name was trademarked by Zenimax years ago.

The rumour comes at the same time Bethesda Game Studios has posted a job listing for a “bleeding-edge AAA fremium game”. The position is within Bethesda’s Montreal studio, so it’s unlikely to be related.

Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference is scheduled for 2.00 pm AEST on 12 June. Either way, we’ll have more on Starfield then.