Alien Blackout likely to be revealed at The Game Awards


Yes, please.

Alien Blackout is likely to be revealed at next month’s The Game Awards.

The speculation comes as it’s been discovered that 20th Century Fox has recently trademarked Alien: Blackout. The trademark covers computer game discs and software, leading many to believe a sequel to the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation (and hopefully not the dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marinesis on the way.

Moreover, The Game Awards’ host, Geoff Keighley, is adding fuel to the fire with recent tweets. The first tweet from Keighley sports a font similar to that used by Weyland-Yutani, an in-world mega corporation. It reads, “WORLDS WILL CHANGE.”

The Game Awards takes place in Los Angeles on 6 December. As Stevivor’s a member of the event’s judging panel, you can bet we’ll be reporting live on exclusive reveals (and winners) as they’re announced.

Are you excited about a new Alien game?