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Rocksmith 2014 confirmed for a current-gen release November

It was rumoured that Ubisoft’s Rocksmith 2014 would see a release on current-gen (PS4, Xbox One) this year. The publisher has now confirmed we’ll see the game on both PS4 and Xbox One this November.

When it launches for current-gen, players will be able to use the streaming and gameplay capture functions of both the PS4 and Xbox One to record and share their performances as well as their custom tones created in Tone Designer. Rocksmith 2014 has also been given a graphical bump with both current-gen systems displaying at full 1080p.

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Players on PlayStation 4 will be able to take advantage of the PS4/PSVita Remote Play feature by viewing a song on the PS Vita screen. The mastery level of the song will be locked and there won’t be any scoring meaning players can review and study a song without the game providing feedback.

All DLC purchased for Xbox 360 will be available in the Xbox One version and the same applies to PS3 and PS4.

Rocksmith 2014 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on 6 November.

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