Ring Fit Adventure is that Switch game with the peripherals


Strap on a Joy-Con and get going.

Ring Fit Adventure is the name of the Nintendo Switch peripheral vehicle teased last week, Nintendo confirmed overnight.

Available from 18 October, Ring Fit Adventure lets “players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life fitness exercises,” Nintendo said in a press release. “The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories that are included with the game detect and measure the player’s real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions, like jogging in place to move your character through the world using the attached Leg Strap, or squeezing the Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into a powerful attack.”

The title offers daily workouts, mini-games and workout routines.

Ring Fit Adventure will be available from 18 October, priced at $124.95 AUD. Check out some product shots, illustrations, screenshots and a trailer below.