Resident Evil HD’s success might mean more Capcom remasters on the way


Thanks to the overwhelming success of Resident Evil HD Capcom may continue to release remasters and remakes of older titles.

Speaking with MCV UK Capcom Marketing Director Antoine Molant said that even though Resident Evil 0 HD was in development before Resident Evil HD was released, the success of the latter title made the publisher confident that the former will perform incredibly well.

Molant said, “I can’t comment on our unannounced projects, but obviously a success like RE HD makes us look at remastered games in the future. Having said that, its commercial success isn’t the driving force. For example, Devil May Cry 4 and DmC: Devil May Cry were both released shortly after, with performances we are very happy with.”

Resident Evil HD is the fastest selling day-one digital title on PlayStation Network so obviously Capcom would like to repeat that success. Whether Resident Evil 0 HD can perform as well remains to be seen. The real test will come when the recently announced Resident Evil 2 remake is released.