Resident Evil 2: Original Director seems pleased with the team behind the remake


Resident Evil 2 Director Hideki Kamiya isn’t working on the game’s upcoming remake, but he seems very pleased with the team that is.

That doesn’t mean Kamiya didn’t try to get the project up and running a long time ago.

“Behind the scenes, I go drinking with Jun Takeuchi quite often,” Kamiya said to Polygon. “Every time I would go drinking with him I would pester him: ‘You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right?’ And he’d say, ‘No, we’re busy with other games’.”

Kamiya is currently at work on Scalebound, meaning Capcom had to get someone else on the Resident Evil 2 remake instead.

“The director of the remake is actually somebody who joined Capcom the same year that I did,” Kamiya explained, not able to name the new Director. “We worked closely together on the Resident Evil design team. We were both game designers. When [Resident Evil 2] started, I went to direct that game. He went and worked on Mega Man Legends. We go out drinking now and again, and one time he was like, ‘By the way I’m directing the remake of RE2.’ I was like, ‘What? You’re doing what?!’ After I heard that, I felt like … we need to go drinking some more.”

While Capcom won’t confirm or deny, it’s likely that Kamiya is referring to Yoshinori Kawano, the Director of Mega Man Legends, or perhaps Kazunori Kadoi, a gameplay lead.

“Just from a creator’s perspective, to know that something that you made still resonates, and people still want to play it, and that Capcom is going to invest all that time and energy into remaking it, is really an honor,” he continued. “That’s saying it, independent of the fact that one of my friends is making it. Looking at what Capcom is doing right now, and what they’re making, I have a lot of confidence that they’re going to knock it out of the park.”

We’ll have more on the Resident Evil remake as it becomes available.

Update: We incorrectly listed the Director of Mega Man Legends as Kazunori Kadoi, and have since corrected this story to list Yoshinori Kawano.