Remedy still wants to make an Alan Wake sequel


So just do it, already!

Remedy still wants to make an Alan Wake sequel, the developer has recently confirmed.

“So we own the Alan Wake IP, yes,” Remedy’s Mikael Kasurinen told DualShockers.

“I just want to say right away that it’s very dear to us and close to our hearts. We all love Alan Wake at Remedy and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game.”

But alas, Remedy used E3 2018 to announce Control, what we can succinctly describe as a cross between the action of Quantum Break and the supernatural elements of Alan Wake. While inspired by Alan WakeControl isn’t a sequel (at least, as far as we know).

“Unfortunately, I can’t speak to it anymore than that,” Kasurinen continued. “We’ll see what happens with Alan Wake next but we all want to see it happen, absolutely.”

Despite this author’s dismay at a lack of a confirmed Alan Wake sequel, I can’t stress how excited I am about Control after seeing it behind closed doors at E3 last week. Stay tuned for my impressions shortly.

The last Alan Wake title to be released was Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC back in 2012. Alan did make a brief appearance near the beginning of 2016’s Quantum Break.

Control is planned for a 2019 release on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s being published by 505 Games… who could perhaps be convinced to help out with Alan Wake if it does well. Hint, hint.