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Red Dead Online beta modes detailed by Rockstar Games

Five modes to check out.

The Red Dead Online beta will have five modes for players to jump into, and each has been detailed by developer Rockstar Games.

The beta modes are as follows:

  • Shootout & Team Shootout: Classic gunfight modes with unlimited lives. Compete to rack up the most kills before the timer runs out. Sudden death will trigger in the event of a tie: whoever gets the first kill wins.
  • Make it Count: A true test of resourcefulness in two game modes: use nothing but a bow and a handful of arrows or throwing knives to be the last one standing. With a gradually shrinking player area, there’s nowhere to run.
  • Most Wanted: A tactical race to the top. Every kill pushes you up the scoreboard, but watch out: the closer to the top you are, the more points everyone else gets for killing you.
  • Hostile Territory: Work in teams to control the land. Capture a territory to start racking up points: the team with most points wins – or you can win outright by capturing every territory.
  • Name your Weapon: Demonstrate your personal specialty in this free-for-all or team based match: the trickier the weapon you use to land the killing blow, the more points you get.

Each of the above Showdown Series modes can be found via a special marker on the game’s map.

The Red Dead Online beta is available now, for some, and continues to rollout through the weekRed Dead Redemption 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4.


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