ReCore is totally dependent on colour, so it has an innovative colour blind mode


Colour is a key mechanic in Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive ReCore, which has required developers Comcept and Armature Studios to develop what it calls an “innovative” colour blind mode.

The weapon system is entirely colour based. With four colours representing four different weapons, it’s a simple matter of matching the red beam to enemies with a red core (and health bar). But that could be a problem for players that can’t easily distinguish between red, blue, yellow and white.

“We knew that was going to be an issue, because we’re relying so much on colour in the game,” ReCore director at Armature Studios Mark Pacini told Stevivor.

“Not only from a visual understanding, but it’s a mechanic in the game. So we’re implementing a very innovative icon-based colour blind system…that we’re not ready to show quite yet.

“But when you switch on colour blind mode, a lot of things will be added, rather than just trying to adjust for the several different types of colour-blindness there are out there, and we’re very sensitive to that fact. I think what we came up with to overcome colour-blindness is pretty cool and we’ll be ready to show it soon.”

If the four-pronged weapon system represented by colour sounds like Metroid Prime, it’s no coincidence. Pacini formerly worked at Retro Studios and was Director on Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. We’ve played ReCore, and there’s a strong Metroid flavour (but in third-person) to the entire thing. Stay tuned for our E3 preview soon.


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