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Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides detailed by Ubisoft

Lots coming in December.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Shifting Tides was recently announced by Ubisoft, and we’ve details of all the new content that will come as part of it.

Joining Operation Burnt Horizon, Operation Phantom Sight, and Operation Ember Rise as part of Siege‘s Year 4 content, Shifting Tides adds a new attacker named Kali alongside a new defender called Wamai.

“Kali is the head of an Indian private military company, a medium-speed, medium-armor Attacker who brings a custom CSRX 300 rifle into battle. This bolt-action sniper rifle packs a big punch, and in addition to deadly headshots (naturally), it will instantly down any Operator who Kali shoots in the torso,” Ubisoft said of the new Operator.

“One shot can penetrate through multiple breakable walls, multiple Defenders, or a combination of both. It can obliterate wooden barricades and unreinforced hatches in one shot, and has a variable 5x and 12x scope. The CSRX 300 is powerful, but it isn’t exactly subtle. In addition to a loud, unmistakable sound, it creates a clear visual trail that shows the Defenders where the shot came from. Any Defender unlucky enough to be downed by it will automatically spin to face the direction of the shot, giving their teammates a bit more intel on Kali’s position.”

“The Defender, Wamai, is a medium-armor, medium-speed Kenyan Defender employed by Kali’s PMC, and she brought him along when she joined Team Rainbow. His gadget is called the Magnetic Neutralizing Electronic Targeting System, aka the Mag-NET. The disc-like Mag-NET devices will stick to surfaces when thrown and act on most Attacker projectiles (excluding bullets) that pass within their active radius and line of sight,” Ubisoft continued.

“First, the Mag-NET stops the projectile, resets its detonation timer, and pulls it in. The projectile then detonates at the Mag-NET’s location, and the Mag-NET itself explodes. One Mag-NET can grab one projectile. Flashbangs will still flash, frag grenades will still explode, but they will do so at a time and place dictated by Wamai’s gadget.”

As per usual, the new Operators will be unlocked for Year 4 Pass holders; everyone else can unlock them with Renown or R6 credits.

The content will also add a reworked version of the Theme Park map.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Shifting Tides will release on 2 December 2019.


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