Psychonauts 2’s success could pave way for Brutal Legend 2


Double Fine revealed a crowd funding campaign for Psychonauts 2‘s development and on the title’s Fig page, the developer makes mention of a sequel to Brutal Legend.

Released in 2009, Brutal Legend starred Jack Black as Eddie Riggs, a Roadie who’s transported to a heavy metal fantasy world. Part platformer, action-adventure and real-time strategy, Brutal Legend received positive reviews on release and a sequel was in pre-production until it was cancelled by EA.

One part of the FAQ for Psychonauts 2 asks “Will you ever make Brutal Legend 2?” to which Double Fine responds “We’ve always said that we wanted to make sequels to both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. We can’t make any promises but if Psychonauts is a success for us, then perhaps Brutal Legend 2 will be more possible?”

Psychonauts 2 is currently 50% funded with $1,931,885 USD raised of a sought $3.3 million USD. If funded it will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.