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PS5 demo kiosks are likely being set up in the UK

Maybe not the best time to be touching random controllers though?

What appear to be PS5 demo kiosks are starting to be installed in retail shops across the UK, @AllGamesDelta has reported.

The user has taken to Twitter to share a PS5-coloured PlayStation stand, one of many reported to be installed in the UK. The installation –shown above — features a couch, a TV stand and what appear to be ports in order to offer players secured controllers to test out games.

While it’s possible that the installations could be for the current-gen PS4, the heavy white-and-blue colour scheme would suggest otherwise.

The demo stations haven’t been spotted anywhere else at yet, but we’ll let you know if that changes. Our Melbourne-based reporting will be done at home, so don’t expect a first-hand account in the middle of our second lockdown.

The PS5 is planned for a holiday 2020 release.


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