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PS3 Far Cry 4 owners can fix ‘delete FC3 game data issue’ by burning it all to the ground


As a serial offender myself, from childhood days of telling parents my friends house is “only five minutes drive away” when I need a lift or my fiancée that we “don’t need to cut too much out of the entertainment unit” to fit in that new television, I know when somebody else is using the old “describe something without really letting on how badly it is going to inconvenience you” trick on me. Ubisoft is definitely guilty of that on this page describing the PS3 Far Cry 4 digital download fix, which will just casually require you to delete your Far Cry 4 save files and game content then download it all again. Not even an apology for the inconvenience of having to start the game again or an explanation for why this couldn’t be patched in to the game without needing another 9.4GB download.

So, if you are seeing the ‘delete FC3 game data issue’ on the PS3 digital download of Far Cry 4, enjoy your ‘burn it to the ground and start again’ fix. If you need detailed instructions on how to delete the game they can be found here.

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