Project Resistance gameplay video details survivors and skills

A new Project Resistance gameplay not only shows off how the co-op survival horror title will play, but details its four survivors and their skills.

We’ve paused the video so you don’t have to, detailing the character selections screens tell us. Here’s a better look at who you can play as in-game:

  • Samuel (Melee, Damage): A brash rising star in the local ring, Sam seemed unstoppable until a critical injury cut his promising career short. Depserate for any chance of recovery, Sam jumped at the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial for a mysterious experimental drug. Although he regained his physical abilities, he now fights not for fame or glory, but for his own life.
  • January (Hacking, Damage): Genius hacker, lone wolf, cynic — Jan will take any job as long as it pays. Well. She was commissioned by a reporter from the Raccoon City tabloid, News Comet, to find evidence of illegal dealings between the R.P.D. and Umbrella. Jan was maybe a bit too good at her job, and mysteriously went missing before she could relay her findings.
  • Tyrone (Tank, Damage): A natural born leader, Tyrone quickly rose to the rank of Captain after joining the Raccoon City Fire Department. [The rest is illegible to us; maybe you can see it better?
  • Valerie (Healer, Support): Valerie is a reserved Raccoon University graduate student whose breakthrough research on healing technology landed her an internship at NEST2. She grew suspicious after one of her colleagues suffered from amnesia after being involved in a top-secret research project. Before she could unveil the truth, Valerie was kidnapped and forced to particpate in a series of horrific experiments.

The character select screens clearly show the four players have classes — Valerie is clearly the support character of the lot — and each character benefits from a progression system that will allow for upgrades as you play. The video details that Tyrone can take more damage as the tank character, Valerie can heal herself and others, Samuel is a melee master and January can hack into security camera.

As for the gameplay, it looks straight out of Resident Evil: Outbreak — but the new addition of the Mastermind character, one who’s in direct oppostition against the team of four survivors — is certainly a nice touch.

Check out the video below.

Project Resistance is planned for Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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