Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge Pass will let you catch up

The final Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge will take place at the start of June, and players who’ve missed out on completing previous challenges will be offered a purchaseable Pass to take part.

Those players that have completed previous challenges — involving the Kanto (completed), Johto (completed), Hoenn (ongoing) and Sinnoh (upcoming) regions — will automatically gain access to the last set of Champion Special Research tasks. If you miss out on completing any of those region-specific ones, the pass will set you back $7.99 USD for access.

While that may seem steep, the final tasks will provide some big rewards including guaranteed access to Unova region starters and Pokemon including Audino, Darumaka and Gothita. Completing the entire challenge questline will provide access to Genesect.

Challenge or not, Galarian Stunfisk will be spawning in the wild from 3 June, the same day the Challenge event goes live, and Galarian Meowth, Zigzagoon, Darumaka and Stunfisk will available in 7km eggs.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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