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Pokemon Go is changing it up in the middle of the pandemic

Some changes go, others stay.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has today confirmed that some of the temporary changes made to the game in the face of the pandemic will become permanent, while others will soon be removed.

Niantic took to its blog to confirm that the following changes will become permanent additions:

  • A player’s maximum number of Gifts that can be stored has been increased to 20.
  • Players will receive three times the amount of Stardust and XP earned for their first Pokemon catch of the day.
  • Incense will last for 60 minutes.

The developer also confirmed the following changes will come into play from 6.00 am AEST on 2 October:

  • Egg hatch distance will return to normal.
  • Increased Incense effectiveness will only count while in motion.
  • Your Buddy Pokemon will only bring you Gifts when you’re running low, and only once per day.
  • The likelihood of getting a Gift when spinning a PokeStop is still increased compared to normal, but has been reduced.

Pokemon Go is currently available on iOS and Android devices.


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