Pirated copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are in the wild


And one version will brick your Switch.

Pirates copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are already available, Motherboard reports.

The site has spoken to the administrator of a popular Switch piracy community to learn the news.

“As far as [pirated] Switch games go this is the biggest ever,” the administrator, known as JJB, said.

The admin also admitted it’s incredibly early for pirated copies to have made their way into public hands.

“Two weeks early for a game like Smash is insane for a public leak,” JJB added.

It’s believed multiple pirated versions of the title are available, with one causing Switch consoles to brick when trying to launch the copy (we’ll call that karma). One version, supposedly originating from a Mexican retail copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is said to work without issue.

“A counterfeit Nintendo product is an illegal copy of an authentic Nintendo product,” Nintendo writes on its own website as a reminder.

“The production, distribution, or sale of counterfeit Nintendo products is illegal. Nintendo has brought thousands of legal actions worldwide to stop counterfeiters.”

Perfectly legal retail copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate head to Nintendo Switch on 7 December. Do the right thing, readers.