Persona 5 R news coming in March 2019


Will it be like Persona 4 Golden?

Atlus has teased Persona 5 R over the holiday break, confirming that more news on the project will be revealed in March 2019.

The tease came via Twitter on 31 December, featuring Tokyo’s Shibuya district, the Persona 5 logo and the promise that “New Projects” will be detailed in March.

There’s not much else to go on — it’s likely the game will be made available on PS4 because of a PlayStation logo attached to the video, but users are hoping that the release will also be made available on Nintendo Switch. Persona 5‘s Joker was recently confirmed as a fighter inside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We’ll have more on Persona 5 R as it’s made available. Persona 5 is currently available on PS4; we reviewed it here.