Overwatch: Watch a female player harassed by her own teammates for 16 full minutes


A female Overwatch player has recorded a 16-minute match in which she was mercilessly tormented by two of her teammates.

Recorded back in February, PC player Glisa does a stellar job trying to heal and support as both Mercy and Reinhardt while players Acayri and Joel constantly hurl abuse.

“Why do the female humans always play the female characters?” Acayri asks of Joel in one of the many exchanges. “Like, they’re always playing Mercy.”

“They can’t play games and be good at them,” Joel offers by way of response.

That’s, sadly, some of the tame stuff.

Glisa and the rest of her teammates do their best to ignore the pair, though it’s easy to tell the group isn’t playing very well together. At one stage, player MVP asks the repugnant players, “Do you guys actually care about winning or do you just want to troll?”

“Dude, no, she’s going to record this,” Joel says at one point, mockingly. “Watch out… don’t put this on Reddit, please.”

While we can’t snap our fingers and make these types of players go away, Overwatch players do have tools at their disposal. Players on any platform can be muted in-game through the Social > Recent Players screen. Moreover, those playing games on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network or Steam can block and report players by gamertag.

Additional props to Glisa for sticking with the competitive match, even though she could have left the game at any point.

Overwatch is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ve gone to Activision Blizzard for comment on this matter, alongside their tips to avoid situations like the one Glisa found herself in.