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Overwatch Mercy’s Recall Challenge will net you a great skin

Paging Dr. Ziegler.

The Overwatch Mercy’s Recall Challenge is now live, allowing players the chance to earn a very impressive Dr. Ziegler skin for healer Mercy.

From now until 2 November, those who play and watch Overwatch will be eligible for a number of Mercy-themed rewards, as follows:

Mercy’s Recall Challenge: Play rewards

  • Dr. Ziegler Player Icon: Win 3 Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade games
  • Lab Coat & Evaluation Sprays: Win 6 Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade games
  • Legendary D. Ziegler Mercy SkinWin 9 Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade games

Mercy’s Recall Challenge: Watch rewards

  • On the Clock Spray: Watch 2 hours of Twitch Overwatch content
  • Healing Touch & Hanan Sprays: Watch 4 hours Twitch Overwatch content
  • Suit Fitting, Late Night & Ascent Sprays: Watch 6 hours Twitch Overwatch content

Any Twitch streamer in the Overwatch category will count, though you’ll need to link your Twitch and Blizzard accounts to redeem the rewards.

Mercy’s Recall Challenge Bonus: Valkryie short story

“Following the explosive downfall of Overwatch, Angela Ziegler was left amidst the organization’s ashes, wanting to put it all behind her,” Activision Blizzard said, describing Overwatch‘s newest short story.

“But the reappearance of familiar faces dredges up memories, and a threat forces her to take wing to save the lives of innocents. In Michael Chu’s “Valkyrie,” Angela is faced with a choice – will she remain Dr. Ziegler, or will she dust off her suit, answer Winston’s recall, and once more don the mantle of Mercy?”

You can read Valkryie here.

Overwatch is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.


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