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Nvidia to be Batman’s Arkham Knight in shining armour

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia looks set to save Batman: Arkham Knight on Windows PC.

The company is “fixing a ton of things that are not necessarily related to us,” Nvidia Gameworks Engineer Tom Peterson confirmed in a sponsored MMORPG.com video.

“Some of it may be related to our driver, some not. But at the end of the day the game is the focus and we’re going to make it great,” he continued.

“I look at [Arkham Knight] as an example of where Nvidia can help a developer get to market with a quality game. … So now we’re deploying our QA resources and our engineers to make that game as good as it possibly can be.”

Batman: Arkham Knight proved so broken on Windows PC that publisher Warner Bros. suspended new sales on Steam and has also delayed DLC on that platform until issues are fixed. A patch is expected next month.


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